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Posted by Druid Spellhawk on April 30, 2015 at 5:45 PM

 i think this is a perfect ideal to use now or later as i hold back from spewing for what i just ate. i am eating more. less as i should but some food is not worthy of my time to work with, my body is transforming faster each day so i might think to work with the area i think is a point to poison no longer myself. so i might as well say this i am becoming a human were. my mom gave me hints how to change my form with fruit, drink water think the form or shape then eat as you wish some fruit. this is a use by user that means or "not use" as mass marketing is a scam as i think as i see then no more than that is necessary to convince me ads are bad for you. 

 i see so i am aware is my call sign or nature sign, seen as animals are a curiousity or feeling is what or where i think. this means i will most likely  so i think this is what you can do to think then you create. So as you think then you are is a very decent thing. as i think i can become then i am able to become as i will to create what i think is necessary. this the thing i think then i am or not as i am aware to create better or lesser ideal to see the light you think is there..

 this is the statement that allows you to transform, this is measure the time the event lasts by the k maybe 334k / 3.5s = 95% energy use or temperature by feel. See this is shielded from collapse till 99%. To avoid costing more use area accuracy then with cooling thats good is till 67 c or otherwise 173 degrees Farenheit then you could use the machine till it shuts down. that was right till the point my death happened i was playing with roach removal ideal. then died as the area is when or how i think no longer to attack, so i stopped creating with chemistry the electricity then i caused some energy to burst the apc unit. so then died as a post reaction. that was a memory i see was useful or not useful by ideal.

 think the point to spend for another or take a moment to work with the other then you are able to create as you think, nature or natural ideal. so i think you are aware your ability is getting weaker as you don't practice magic by thinking with a focus point that is a crystal focus i say real focuses by few idealist. consder the thought before you place the thought by what you feel is necessary.

 that is all for today except i suceeded 4 times the moment i sense is the focus to change or user adapt to allow. that is usual adaption to allow the area use. otherwise what you think is what you consider. i think i realize when i will fully change so i am going to wait before spending online then work with the funds i think is cool or allowable. this was written 2013

 thinking to add something i have gotten better attitudes with people as this is 2015. so you think to work things out think to work things with yourself that proves that then i was better for the moment i then became worse so i went to the hospital then got out by signing a sheet of paper that allowed you to work my release. so seeya for the next entry i think  i am aware now so i shall expose my form, once online then not again as the form is similar the shape is no longer painful to shape or become a shape. thinking to create something is harder or easier as i think to create some ideal.

 so i will or allow you to not be hit is the point to show this as i can. see thats also from 2015 as a month back. then i think i saw what i created. that was a alien half-gray that the creator creates from activity. they are sorta mean sometimes angry half whatever they think is a race. that are very psychic to the point not to rob, thought is to create then work by feel. then i think is the point. they are amazing annoyed people the creator allows no longer to be brutal. so seeya til the next moon is all they are or they are aware to the point they seem.

 the truth now is think to create or focus your ideal to create by what you consider important.
this is some area or feel though this was created by some area you think is important. or unimportant. so i shall get what i can then think better till my body wears out. this was from september that i sensed the person i seek to work things out with a neighbor. the spells are a point to wait then state then do other things. i think i shall quit writing to rest me or not be bothered. so seeya till next time. 


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