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done few enough

Posted by Druid Spellhawk on May 1, 2015 at 12:20 PM

i still have money saved up yay. dunno what i won't do i realize what i will be able to do. so this i gnow will surprise you i think i am done before the day begins. so i will go find things to create or do with. this is what i think you are aware to the point the area knows what you create. so think then you create. the conscious the area has can use any material to shift away or create with feel this uses the material the room has as no feel.

so i have done what i should i am free from paying by the debts this day, i think i am done with a mission so i am. think to drink water to the point that i no longer need to do the point. then you no longer need to create things by the feel. so i think so if away or aware you are cool to the point you sense. sense to the point to do or feel. this is a decent part of the most malicious spell that is just a few lines with syllables. so you see what i mean i set myself somewhere to see what i would be like now so i was finding out decency.

here's a spell for you: 
au airn = wealth spell so watch things or don't fall; this is use not always with stalling. See the point is a pound is a pound a dollar is a dollar exchange is exhange i thought. i is interchange by feel. keep going for what you think if to avoid trouble by things or for what you didn't do. this means nen no war non intended by feel. i think i will go now. this is all that remains. learn or think to allow them things. Think things through then think the ideal. Think things you need by feel to create what you think. This is the way to alu na gri fu na gri or the chinese restaurant with the food area or the happy house area by the feel or not uses the effective card. so no food chef i am till i think i am.

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