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the last offense

Posted by Druid Spellhawk on May 1, 2015 at 5:35 PM

the last offense "or not" to use

 this you take offense to those that are offensive, so you don't have take a drug test or safe drug to sense or no longer be trapped. see this is so are aware till you think your trapped on the planet thats unsafe. you think your gone think to work the use herbs instead. this is sometimes with dopamine or water energy that he enduces. so think to create no more to the point you consider. this is or was your last actual warning. so i won't seeya where you are. think to no longer allow me near you in your subconscious. this is energy in an enent the worlds biggest trap. the world of drugs by the fact now the creator stops the bad from happening. so if caught somewhere think your way out to no longer bother us or the area yu think to bother ever again. ciou is dead or happy ending. so think its true. that god can be multiple spaces at once. he or she is the 6th dimensional god alouou.

  By soul use a few notes you thought your thoughts are well hidden by, so use this "is" by the fact you are aware then the area you think or uses are your aware this is by the fact you are fooling yourself to belief systems that aren't ours so you may think you understand this is not to feel so think with the feel or you think. this place has turned into a death trap that is why your there not here as a death trap is disruption to the area to cause what you think you can form to leave by the means you see or sense that are necessary till thought. this i think is the last entry to this blog so i will add this thought as another. this was a waste of time except for the trap that is the fruit not the food. as you think to create with food you create by the food you think you exist by the point. otherwise the pont you hold by the point or release by the feel.

  so time energy forward is aec time frequency music or tunes or not with a e g thats not energy by some music the first sends you forward the second sends you back. so you avoid the common ill if possible the vitamin b complex with the fried food or no fried food with water. thanks to you that created this ideal i realize this was where i thought is the point. these are the notes. this is the most badass letter i found thats vicious otherwise the most malicious letter.

  so you want to see so you know this is rather intoxicating so stop with raging if you things by the feel so if you think time you get time thats what i realized by the area arua or aura energy. the area you think is somewhere you think to work things out. this was my mission that is no longer needed so i set the need away on a paper boat after writing things down then use is as you wish is there by use. this is malicious an is their attempt to do things so don't try or bother to create what undesirables like.

sent as you think is the way to unform or shrink by what you think is the use. i think this is amazing weight loss. so you see what i mean i set myself somewhere to see what i would be like now so i was finding out decency. so wanna try to create a bridge of light to send someone on the way by necromancy? think light energy to create what you think so the departed dissipate to dust. think regret, then relent to the will to send the body to become soul dust. the soul uses to create some escape by to the place the soul wants to go. if no soul dust then no problem the objects send the spirit away with the soul guiding. thats how the necromancy area thing works.

think to form a ball of light to shift places then your aware as though now. this was energy eater ideal techniques that allowed that so don't bother as you'll only get in trouble. this i believe you might want to know, to release yourself of the problem think the ideal gone if you don't think the problem is there then it isn't. so beware what old edward scissorhands said, think to know thinking about some subject before you speak.

 burning puffs indicate my last laugh as you burned my house down with fireworks to prove you were a god and i lied that i could defeat you. but this is not my last joke so think not to get worse. don't need to call for help gonna leave you alone. whatever happens you don't lose your mind. if use is a difference this is none to use. think to create by the feel or feeling, thinkg the ideal is what will create value. think the line to work with the point. this the think point is no longer necessary. this is no or allowing use. so women are what shape they are other use is what they the thought makers make. i am going to leave now. then hope to find a livable planet to live or work with thats alive with living people with no fight en. see this is rather interesting. lightworkers work some are a group formed by jedi.

  the last note entry is a true one, you are a were only if you think you are an is their death god, the point you think to the death you do not feel he causes. this was a trap or trick to get you killed by those that despised you. this i know because the energy causes area energy the right way the belief systems are there by the feeling you think you do not feel you think to feel so your fooling yourself. so stop fooling yourself to create or work things out. this was the last note: you are fooling yourself by the belief system you use to understand us that you do not know us at all you just think you do as you think you know that is the death gods ploy to work your ideal if you were convinced to not exist. 

  others are not immune an to you so think before you speak or the god thats deadlty can seem there to kill your friends off by poison. jedi are a joke, they were humane people that played along. so this is the last lasting laugh to you that wronged me you see you were right. i was manipukating your mind as you manipulate mind telepath, you get manipulated so they were as though there. because you believed they were they were never there. as aesidur says you were wronged you no longer need to know to attack someone else think to visit us instead.

 think the first time you create then create to the touch to create as you wish. to create you think or work by the feel, then you create more or stop by the ideal you think to create then no longer create with what you get. so you create you are worthless you tried this stuff then you will know nothing works right with the broken things around it. no i don't care for it because most won't get off the stuff i know about as observed by substitution with some switch effect. this i think is my last letter. think to create something to what you think is worth your time or think to avoid those that you pissed off. you won't till you think to avoid then how long do you think an is there to avoid people.

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