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Posted by Druid Spellhawk on January 26, 2016 at 4:30 PM

abysmas abominal chaos

order or chaos healing


So think to create with order or don't use order, as you think to align the body by feel. think that you heal by restoring the paths of thought or blood flow, that you reach out then you know intuitively how to cure someone. that means you think then align the body, that is with red blood vessels by thought or will. so that is uses that are an ideal that blood rushing will cure the body, as you imagine the body aligning within to cure or restore. so by ideal the body is use by the process to thin nature that is done.


I think I know or will as I focus so I will stop trying to relive the moment you lived with them by now. so I think then don't go unless I need to so if going too far with this, think or use thngs as you think things by the feel I have through senses. think or if you stop to create what you think, by a thought this is in some light that you can think is good by ideal isn't good at all. so think that you can create something by ideal, that is good with good intentions then things work out. things work out if you think they do, so thinking is this doesn't matter of what you concede for what you concede or consider is done. this is how you manipulate minds to create with what you want or use ideal with focus.


This could mean you would do what you think or pass out. stop and you are aware after you wake up. keep focus then you are aware to the fact, that things exist or you could use internal blood energy to create with feel. this is usually by the feel you have things, see that are uses by needs being met or means which you think or thinking to see. otherwise you can create the use or use things, that you can think or seem to do the use. so think something positive so things work out by use of the ideal point, as this is just a hex or spell that you can change by thinking things change. you have or make things with the use of focus what I think so now to create what you will. so think then to the use by what you do to create peaceful endings.


I plan on talking things out as I think this is a perfect way to heal, though ordering is with a thought that energy is sent by feel to the area. that means you change things by influence or use is chaos to counterbalance. so the combined neutral effect is neutralizing what you thought to target, this is creative use of both order with chaos to counter and makes a perfect weapon. you can even create in the air to generate heat, this is thought to power the weapon or use is thinking fire in the air that is heat traces. so think no war then you end warefare or warfare doesn't happen, as the need for greed for misunderstanding or desire for land disappears so talk it out.


Oh okay then, transmuting is the process of thinking a change to the point you consider. that uses energy from the blood flow that you direct to create by some area thought to change by the point you realize. that you cure by chakra points with ideal so think your creating by the point, as you either touch or think energy to the substance or metal to change by the fire or energy, that is thought sometimes by the properties due to the properties list. think the list to change by where you think is a thought or use, that modifies the point or thing the item or substance does. if you realize by a thought or use then you don't abuse so you are aware, so this includes not forcing people to do what they don't want to do. as I think about things your aware then your free.


That you can imagine at the end or change to thought or spoken ideal. this is usually by thinking the list or changing the properties, thinking usually does this by physically done things or area feel. where you think or imagine to create with the point. remember to lock the properties by listing lock or thinking lock to the item, this will cause the item to resist changes until you think unlock or don't need the lock. so try to avoid things, if overused that you use by the feel or abuse with time. see yes you can use what you want, seen as a wish is there to use as a formation with energy. this is an essence that exists in certain things, that if you think to draw out the essence then if not too much you can create what you wish. this is the point you think or use, so think as you wish to create with things.


That creates what you wish that is what you think so talk or work, that is the ultimate weapon or area creativity by use with balance that you think or use. especially with the vibration you think to create with energy and a touch to create, what you think to the device to create with feel. this can use iron or steel rods to create as you thought touch them, then think energy to pass through the rods that also could be glass. graphite or other material such as gold or silver is helpful for electricity, so this means nothing is done until you use actual energy focus. that's what is used in ideal points, know that war doesn't exist anyway as its just exchange by warefare today with peace by activity or talking.


This is what the use was that I was going to use this for the war I had planned, yet there will be no war as this place is too peaceful. so I think I will create something to get out, so I don't have to work at getting away like he that I fought did. so you see there is a light in the heavens, yet I think the direct apprach to the body works too. so I think this will create things better so I don't have to worry in the long run. I think this is a point and nothing more. Thinking this I suggest I understand, I think that I don't have another life to get off the planet to goto another planet entirely.


So this is precious time to read my book so ciou for now. I think now is the time to work for your ideal that you think to use or think something to create things. as the body changes to the effect or point where you touch or think to restore things, I think this works by alignment that you create by the focus or feel. that is use by useful means that change is what you think, sometimes peace or thought with some or no confliction. so think then your aware. think then to end the wars you do that are basically competition anyway. this is my last will and testament.

A spell: Gnot runs by time, Gnow runs by area energy. What you do with them is atmosphere by adjustment, where you are aware or with a point you work with others.

Gnot; knowing time: This is where I think it is, then as if you get the date and time. I think it is then sometimes by feel that point as though you are aware, then you know by focus from the energy that is near. So if you think then realize what is near, then you know what is done. Otherwise your aware to what is needed to be done.

Gnow: Knowing; You know by gnosis, what you think then your aware of by the point you think. That you think to realize then you know, that is what you think to know or what that is that comes by ideal that you know by the spirit. This ends by thinking en if so the vision, that knowledge comes by this is what is a visual that is no longer there.

en of fi  en if  en fi

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