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Thought w/grey wizardry

Posted by Druid Spellhawk on February 11, 2016 at 8:40 AM

Thought wizardry aka graey magic


This uses the 7 main chakra points along with more energy by the body per each chakra point that you use, so think that you change by activating them that is energy to the body. That you can change or focus of somewhere to create with by feel, as the energy changes to create what you think. As the body is the energy with the femur or themur, as the energy generator or blood flow generator.


This is where you might want to be there or think then ignore the communication revealed by the spirit. You can attribute the chakra energy as you think to answer or exchange, then the chakra energy is there as you think to use the energy. Think the energy has attributes or no attributes then the energy uses the energy attribute, that is thought as the energy is to have things or not have things as they were.


So you create the change by thought to the energy, that your conscious of or exist by ideal that you think. So if you see that they will think this is witchcraft or wizardry, if you think this is otherwise nothing but focus or energy work. That could create anything to have things or not have things that work with you.


This is with the thought, as we think a point we can create what we want unlimitedly or we're working by feel until we're done. All we need to do is think we're done or say that we are, then this is as if the energy is conscious that did the deed.


So for wizardry if you think energy is with water particles, then you can use the body with water particles as you think the body has them to create by focus. This uses fire energy to create the point that you think. This is with weight loss then you can create any spell or wizardry.


Where the elements are earth, wind, water, fire or void for none. Then the energy is used by activity that is the practice, as though a formula or rite were in use so we don't even have to do a hand-sign. We could even make a rite of larding or cleansing.


The energy is done by feel then its as though we never did a thing, as they still have the results where we did witchcraft or then wizardry was completed or completely done. Sometimes this is as though with erasure that leaves the act as though done before, then they realize what was done then we are done for the time.

See as this uses the 7 main points along with more energy for the body, this is use with thought by the body per each chakra point that you use. Think the chakra energy active for each center of dendrite nerves that represent them.


Then you think what you want thinking to stimulate them, as you swirl the hand in the clockwise otherwise right direction, counterclockwise for left direction. So think as you create, that your focus is your own ideal. What you thought you focus then your energy is what creates as you focus.


Now if for a fact, let’s talk on how the Chakras rotate. If you are male your first Chakra will rotate clockwise by feel and if you are female, your first Chakra will rotate counter-clockwise by ideal. Each one that is successive by Chakra will rotate in the opposite direction, from the one preceding the one your activated or activating by feel sometimes with a gesture. This means that you are aware, so that your ability is there with the point that exists.


In other words, a male’s chakra rotation should be thus when you are looking down at where your Chakras are located, starting from the bottom – first, clockwise; second, anticlockwise; third, clockwise; fourth, anticlockwise; fifth clockwise; sixth anticlockwise; and seventh, clockwise.


A female’s Chakra rotation should be first, anticlockwise; second, clockwise; third, anticlockwise; fourth clockwise; fifth anticlockwise; sixth, clockwise and seventh, anticlockwise. And that is the nature of the male and the female energies. These energies are two aspects of the One. They therefore are not really opposed or dualistic, they are one; they are two faces of one energy.


That the chakra gate energy swirls to create what you want. Remember that the root chakra is able to stop other chakra activity. Then think the activity to create, as you think or speak the need that you have as a wish. Then you create what you wish for the creator creates what you want. The colors are associated with the things you think, when you think the chakra point. As you can think:


The base chakra is at the lowest point of the spine and is located between the anus and the genitals. Its represented by the color of red and acts as the bodies grounding force which connects us to the energies of the earth or sun.


The Sacral Chakra and the center of the Sacral Chakra should be a few inches below your navel or scrotum where its associated by the color orange.


The Solar Plexus Chakra is located just below the breast and 2 or 3 inches from the navel with the color yellow this is from the fluid in the body that use is seen as this collects in the area as yellow energy.


The Heart Chakra is located near the heart area, where earth energy collects in idea and by use is a thought in an area that is or notwhere the Heart Chakra color is green as in a use your use of earth energy creates what is a thought in energy force as if not as that is changed by the liver and used with the colon.


The Throat Chakras is located near the throat area, where the Throat Chakra color is blue. As you are needed in life you can use a thought to generate energy, and thought is pure blue as mana is life fluid that is your use of mana to create with what concept. Otherwise the in use thought is by absorption is what changes in life force, as energy as the color is changeable by thought as you think.


An if the color is possible to change by water this is by association. As "thaty" is that as this is in the body and what you think is what you can create, as inside your body and or not use is magic to generate outside in general life that causes you to use in focus any energy to raise and fall as you think. Full use is a choice as you use your body, as in idea and or not as if a thought you are around if you are felt to seem needed as you are what is a point in life remember the point and you are as you want.


Think in focus and use is focus, to create in thought that creates in thought. As if a thought, you focus life to create by the idea and as you are in life or not. As if in use by focus, full energy comes as a will is felt as need is thought or menace is there. In the throat chakra use you think to use the blood in a stream of life, that flows through the body by focus in thought and water energy allows a manipulation by thought in focus you create at will.


This is focus in ability to create, as use is will and thought creates by what you do. As if creating a point is use by what energy you have, when you correct for thought as to fix you have focus and have fun by use is easy as to create is thought energy in what you can use. As to think in user ability you are out with use to create, in user ability is out as in use by energy. This is by use in a concept as thought creates, in thought as what you consider is what you get.


The Third Eye Chakra that is positioned at the eyebrow region with a color of indigo by the use of ultraviolet energy that is what creates an energy use and causes the body to fix and use things. As if thought were a purpose, you use what is a considered thought and direct the third eye by thought that the third eye is materialized and use id by thought to do.


The Crown Chakra which is positioned above the head or at the top of it with the associated color empowered by ultraviolet light is sensed as if of thought that is violet color and connects you to the sky. This is the unlimited use of the ability, to fully manifest as you think to do and focus on your thought.


Then they that are effected realize, what if anything is what was all done then we are done for the time. Think I know what I do as I think, then you know or are aware then I am aware by the feel that I have from you. That is the sense that I have or can get from you to indication. Thought to work.


So you can realize that things are working, sometimes this is use by sensate or expressed ideal. Think you know then think aware thoughts as you think the point they believe the point that you speak. That is how you can hide this effect. So enjoy what you can do, if you are aware then you are ready.


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